In an effort to be hip and trendy and to add to a long line of things I've done to try and get me to blog more, I have converted my site to a Ghost Blog!

I'm a fan of Markdown and I like JavaScript and Node, so it seemed like an easy choice.

The Ghost experience is pretty slick:

Writing with Ghost

Anyway, as mentioned earlier, I am moving away from this being a site that really "sells" me or my services* (though if you need a website, feel free to write to me). As part of that, I got rid of the never-updated Code and Portfolio sections and am trying to just focus on the blog.

If you you notice any pages missing that you think should still be there, or need something from the old site that seems broken (I took special care to try and make sure that didn't happen), please let me know!


*[edit] I should specify: this site isn't intended to be a sales portal or a portfolio site. But you can bet I'm gonna try and direct people to my other site(s) to try and find business! But the goal is to funnel to sites more dedicated to that stuff instead of letting it weigh down this site.

PS Bruno got big since the last time I wrote:

Bruno Guster