The Matchbook Lab logo on the dark theme's background.Well, Matchbook Lab, LLC formed in... well, I should know. Last fall sometime. Finally, a couple days after summer starts, I have launched

Many thanks to Lawrence Allen's awesome design and my wife for proof reading everything and fixing many typos. I assure you, but if there are any typos, they were created after she looked over the site.

The Name

We went through a lot of different iterations. I wanted to get a name where I could get the domain name of that name. So that sort of limited what I could get. I wanted to get something lightning or fire related. My wife and I threw some words around: spark, flame, thunder, etc, etc. I also liked the idea of "Lab" in the name. I had seen other names with that theme, and I like the idea of considering myself as a "man scientist" doing his thing in his lab.

Finally, my wife got onto Match- words and I liked what I was hearing. A quick check and was available: that sealed the deal! Matchbook Lab was born.

More 'bout the Design

For the logo, I wanted to go with a retro design, but go with a flame. Obviously for color, I wanted some sort of red theme to go along with the flame theme. Lawrence showed me and my wife a couple designs and we immediately loved the logo we ultimately ended up choosing. The M flame was all 8-bit retro in shape, but then the font with the cut taken from the upper right is enough to keep it modern and fresh.

In conclusion...

Visit my new site! Or contact me to hire me.