After I updated to Lion, I was innocently coding, minding my own business when I try to test out some PHP code on my local machine and http://localhost isn't pulling up.

After a little digging, I find out that my Web sharing is off. I try turning it on, but the box only stays checked for a moment before unchecking again.

Off to Google I go. I try a few suggestions (like restoring previous httpd.conf files) with no luck. I then take it to the console. There was an error, something about not being able to load a module on line 116 of my httpd.conf.

What was line 116? FastCGI... which is weird, because I've had nothing but problems with FastCGI, so I don't think I would have knowingly uncommented that line myself, and I can't help but wonder why it wasn't loading after updated to Lion. It may not even be related at all.

Line 116 Commented

It is worth noting that that line is in the original httpd.conf (at least my httpd.conf in the "original" folder put there as a backup by the OS), but it is commented out (but so is