The site may only look slightly different, but I've completely refactored the backend for the blog to use Ghost as npm module. As part of this, I wrapped the site in a custom express server to handle some other functionality from the same Node app, and converted all the legacy PHP content to use Node! Just to make sure it was all good and gone, I even deleted PHP from the server =)

This will make it a lot easier to keep Ghost up to date, and again, hopefully set the stage for bigger change that will probably come in 5-10 years at this rate...

I also updated to Node 0.12.1. I would have updated to io.js, but that would have taken more effort.

Most of the site is still intact. I completely removed a couple pages that had very few views and have been "deprecated" for over a year. So no one should even really notice anything other than the fact that the old home page is now gone (it's now the list of blog posts). I was never a fan of that page, so I'm not sad to see it gone.

Anyway, now all it takes to update Ghost is an npm update and we're off! I recommend you self-hosters give it a try. It's actually pretty slick and converting the blog itself was the easy part (updating the legacy content was less-so, but I think we're all good now!).