I've been using Docker a lot lately. And I absolutely love it. I have tons to share, and I want to start blogging again (he says every week for a year without doing anything), and this seems like a great topic to get started (up again) with.

Docker is Cool

A few things I've done lately that I wanted to share:

  • Use lots of CLI tools via Docker (it's great for that kind of thing).
  • Moved this site to using Docker.
  • Develop locally and push to production, all using only Docker, Docker Compose, and Docker Machine.
  • Migrated this site to a CoreOS VM.
  • Published multiple Docker sites to a single physical machine (think Docker virtual hosts).

I've also worked on some massive projects exploring Docker at scale, but I want this series to mostly focus on Docker for the "day to day" and the average developer (I'm on a mission to prove it doesn't need scale massively (or even at all) to find Docker super useful).

I'm hoping to have a new post every week or three, with the first later this week. I'll update this post as a sort of table of contents. Stay tuned for exciting stories of Adventures in Dockerland!